Lightweight tote bag handcrafted in barcelona, with an innovative integrated system that provides Light Inside to find what you search with just a touch of a button.
The wide interior has 6 easy access pockets. The handles can be carried by hand or over the shoulder, and are made of seatbelt from the automotive industry leftovers.

Light Inside

All Babau bags come with an integrated lighting system. It has two LED bulbs, a turn on switch and easily replaceable alkaline batteries. Studied in detail to achieve the best position of the system components, the angle of the light, the optimal light time duration (with smart turn off timer) and the usage of the batteries with a proven duration of over two years.

Turn on the light just by pressing a button, the light will be activated long time enough to easily find what you are looking for and will slowly fade out in about 15 seconds.

130,00 €